Aug 23, 2011

V.A. Hiring in Leavenworth

VA hiring 400 people in Leavenworth

'...“Applicants need basic computer and communication skills. They’ll be trained for the rest,” said Kevin Johnson, a spokesman for the VA human resource department. “With an economy that stinks, these are great jobs with a career opportunity to get your foot in the door. And the benefits are great.”...'

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Aug 15, 2011

GAO 2011 early retirements and buyouts coming

GAO to offer early retirement (VERA), buyouts (VSIP)

'...On August 8, 2011, GAO (via memo) announced a Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA or Early Out) opportunity and the upcoming possibility of a Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment (VSIP or Buyout) for specified positions....'

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Aug 11, 2011

Postal Service wants to layoff 120, 000; break union contracts

Postal Service asks Congress to allow 120,000 layoffs, overhaul benefits

'...The USPS is also asking Congress to change legislation that requires postal workers to get federal health care and retirement benefits. Instead...'

Reference: cnn.com

Aug 9, 2011

Federal employee union protest U.S. Rep. James Lankford (OK)

Union, Constituents to Protest Anti-Worker Lawmaker

'...Constituents from U.S. Rep. James Lankford's congressional district will join with leaders from the nation's largest federal employee union to protest the first-term congressman's anti-worker legislative agenda on Tuesday....'

Reference: www.sacbee.com

Aug 8, 2011

Federal district court employee killed

U.S. federal court employee kidnapped, killed in Mexico

'...His kidnapping and death are not believed to be related to his status as a federal employee, and court officials had been told he crossed the border to have some work done on his car....'

Reference: www.mysanantonio.com
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Aug 4, 2011

Congress reaches deal to temporarily end FAA shutdown

Congress reaches deal to end FAA shutdown

'...Most, like Delta Air Lines (DAL.N), American Airlines (AMR.N), US Airways (LCC.N) and Southwest Airlines (LUV.N), raised fares by that amount instead and stood to collect more than $1 billion in extra revenue had the shutdown lasted for another month....'

Reference: www.reuters.com
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FAA standoff shows jobs not a priority ...are you next?

More to FAA shutdown than air service subsidies

'...immediate price is high. Already, 4,000 FAA employees have been furloughed, more than 200 construction projects have been halted and an estimated 70,000 other private-sector workers affected. ...'

Reference: www.seattlepi.com
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Aug 3, 2011

Congress goes home leaving thousands of FAA Federal workers on furlough

Partial FAA shutdown continues as Congress goes home

'...Caught up in the partisan acrimony are nearly 4,000 FAA employees who have been furloughed. The FAA also has issued stop work orders ...'

Reference: www.presstelegram.com
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Aug 1, 2011

FAA stand-off over funding is about unionization

Obama team tries to break FAA impasse

'...The dispute involves the labor law that governs unionization efforts at airlines. Those efforts have been covered by the Railway Labor Act, under which eligible voters who don't participate in a union election are counted as voting against unionization....'

Reference: usatoday.com