Jun 30, 2013

Reports of NSA snooping on Europe go well beyond previous revelations of electronic spying

Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping

'...Transatlantic relations plunged at the weekend as Berlin, Brussels and Paris all demanded that Washington account promptly and fully for new disclosures on the scale of the US National Security Agency's spying on its European allies....'

Reference: www.guardian.co.uk

Jun 27, 2013

FERS Retirement Eligibility Information

FERS Retirement Eligibility Information

'...An immediate retirement benefit is one that starts within 30 days from the date you stop working. If you meet one of the following sets of age and service requirements, you are entitled to an immediate retirement benefit:...'

Reference: www.opm.gov

Jun 16, 2013

Federal employee health and fitness programs

Federal workers get health and fitness programs

'...retired Army colonel and former Anne Arundel County councilman working as a civilian on the garrison staff at Fort Meade, is one of thousands of federal workers who participate in health and fitness programs ...'

Reference: www.stripes.com
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Jun 13, 2013

DC area feds can take 'unscheduled leave' or telework day due to potential severe weather

Federal workers can take unscheduled leave or telework day, OPM says

'...Federal agencies will be open on Thursday as the region braces for potential severe weather, but employees may take unscheduled leave or work from home, the Office of Personnel Management said early Thursday....'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com

Jun 5, 2013

2014: Federal Employees may see tiny pay raise in Jan.

White House again calls for federal employee raise

'...Administration urges the Congress to provide the proposed 1.0 percent pay increase for Federal civilian employees. As the President stated in his [fiscal year] 2014 Budget...'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com

Jun 2, 2013

Lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice

Female prison workers filing class action against DOJ, Federal Bureau of Prisons

'..."The overall outcome is to seek change. They need to change policy. They need to hold these inmates accountable," Rojas said. Many of the women said they've worked at other prisons and jails in Florida, and this kind of behavior was never tolerated....'

Reference: www.wftv.com