Dec 3, 2013

Federal Employee Merit Pay: Is it a motivator or not

Merit-based Pay and Employee Motivation in Federal Agencies

'...This paper analyzes findings from the federal government that federal employees subject to merit-based pay are consistently less happy with their job, with their organization, and with their pay than those in agencies with traditional compensation systems. ...'

Reference: www.brookings.edu
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Oct 7, 2013

Federal Reserve's new $100 bills debut Tuesday

A few things you might want to know about the new $100 before Tuesday

'...The Federal Reserve's latest budget includes 2.5 billion new $100 bills this year, Triangle Business Journal reports. A handful of them will have increased value for collectors, due to unique serial numbers....'

Reference: www.bizjournals.com

Oct 1, 2013

800,000 employees in the government's workforce to feel goverment shutdown

Government Shuts Down as Congress Misses Deadline

'...Many federal workers reporting to their agencies Tuesday morning will undertake a half-day of shutdown preparations before more than 800,000 employees in the government's workforce of about 2.9 million are sent home. ...'

Reference: wsj.com
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Sep 30, 2013

OFR published a notice to give guidance on Federal Shutdown 2013

What happens if the Government shuts down?

'...The OFR published a notice to give guidance to agency customers and the public. See, 78 FR 59974...'

Reference: www.federalregister.gov
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Sep 12, 2013

Federal Employee Buyout Coming?

Retirement Myths: Is Congress Considering Offering a Buyout to Federal Employees?

'...We all want to believe that something good will happen to us; and often it does, just not when it comes to our federal employment. You have to look back a few years to find the last “good deed” done for federal employees by Congress....'

Reference: www.fedsmith.com
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Aug 20, 2013

How many federal employees would be affected by Postal Service plan to strip workers of federal health plan>

USPS Plan to Pull Out of Fed Health Benefits Could Cost Postal Workers

'...While most non-postal FEHB enrollees would likely not be affected by USPS’ withdrawal from the program, about 29,000 federal employees would have to select a new health plan, according to GAO, as some plans that primarily offer services to USPS workers would drop out of FEHB. ...'

Reference: www.govexec.com
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Jun 30, 2013

Reports of NSA snooping on Europe go well beyond previous revelations of electronic spying

Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping

'...Transatlantic relations plunged at the weekend as Berlin, Brussels and Paris all demanded that Washington account promptly and fully for new disclosures on the scale of the US National Security Agency's spying on its European allies....'

Reference: www.guardian.co.uk

Jun 27, 2013

FERS Retirement Eligibility Information

FERS Retirement Eligibility Information

'...An immediate retirement benefit is one that starts within 30 days from the date you stop working. If you meet one of the following sets of age and service requirements, you are entitled to an immediate retirement benefit:...'

Reference: www.opm.gov

Jun 16, 2013

Federal employee health and fitness programs

Federal workers get health and fitness programs

'...retired Army colonel and former Anne Arundel County councilman working as a civilian on the garrison staff at Fort Meade, is one of thousands of federal workers who participate in health and fitness programs ...'

Reference: www.stripes.com
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Jun 13, 2013

DC area feds can take 'unscheduled leave' or telework day due to potential severe weather

Federal workers can take unscheduled leave or telework day, OPM says

'...Federal agencies will be open on Thursday as the region braces for potential severe weather, but employees may take unscheduled leave or work from home, the Office of Personnel Management said early Thursday....'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com

Jun 5, 2013

2014: Federal Employees may see tiny pay raise in Jan.

White House again calls for federal employee raise

'...Administration urges the Congress to provide the proposed 1.0 percent pay increase for Federal civilian employees. As the President stated in his [fiscal year] 2014 Budget...'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com

Jun 2, 2013

Lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice

Female prison workers filing class action against DOJ, Federal Bureau of Prisons

'..."The overall outcome is to seek change. They need to change policy. They need to hold these inmates accountable," Rojas said. Many of the women said they've worked at other prisons and jails in Florida, and this kind of behavior was never tolerated....'

Reference: www.wftv.com

May 19, 2013

Benghazi federal workers remembered

In Benghazi and beyond, federal workers who died on the job are remembered

'...Let’s take a break from the raging discord that has dominated Washington lately by remembering federal employees who died abroad in service to their country. With so much attention focused on what the government has done wrong, we’ll end the week with words about government workers who died trying to do right. ...'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com

Apr 15, 2013

Bill would undermine the 'Stock Act'

U.S. House Clears Bill Obscuring Federal Workers’ Assets

'...Federal employee groups had lobbied for the change, saying that easy access to personal financial information could lead to harassment or make the workers more vulnerable to identity theft. Critics faulted the measure for undermining a law, called the Stock Act, aimed at preventing profits from trading securities based on inside information. ...'

Reference: www.bloomberg.com

Mar 22, 2013

Food safety and inspection workers avoid 11 days of furlough

Meat industry rescues federal workers

'...Over 9,000 federal food inspectors won’t face furloughs after top companies from the meat and poultry industries spoke out in support of them....'

Reference: wtvr.com

Mar 4, 2013

Let the furloughs begin!

Alternatives to sequester could hit federal employees in other ways

'...Political leaders met Friday but failed, at least for now, to find a path away from budget cuts that threaten more than 1 million employees with up to 22 unpaid days off, for most starting as early as April....'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com

Mar 2, 2013

Federal employees began receiving furlough notices on Friday

Federal Furlough Notices Go Out As Sequestration Takes Effect

'...More than 1 million federal employees face the possibility of unpaid time off due to the across-the-board spending cuts. While some notices are going out on Friday, the furloughs will not actually take effect until April...'

Reference: www.huffingtonpost.com

Feb 26, 2013

Likely that sequester will begin

Ben Bernanke: Find sequester alternative

'...Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned lawmakers Tuesday that allowing automatic budget cuts to go into effect this week could place a “significant” burden on the economy...'

Reference: www.politico.com

Feb 18, 2013

TSA officers get training on Homeland Security strategies to counter terrorism

TSA officers go to college to learn to counterterrorism

'...The TSA officers either have completed or are enrolled in a college-level program that focuses on Homeland Security strategies to counter terrorism. ...'

Reference: sun-sentinel.com

Feb 11, 2013

2014 Federal Employee Pay Raise Update

Obama to propose 1 percent pay hike for federal employees

'...At the same time, the House plans to vote soon on legislation that would extend the current freeze on basic pay rates through the end of calendar 2013....'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com

Jan 26, 2013

Federal Hiring Update: Students and Recent Graduates

Recruiting and Hiring Students and Recent Graduates

'...These programs, collectively the Pathways Programs, are streamlined developmental programs tailored to promote employment opportunities for students and recent graduates in the Federal workforce....'

Reference: www.opm.gov

Jan 24, 2013

Workers comp fraud

Lakeland Woman Pleads Gulty to Theft of Federal Employee Compensation Funds

'...claimed she was not employed, reported no income and lied about her physical health to maintain eligibility for her benefits....'

Reference: www.theledger.com

Jan 13, 2013

Social Security employee arrested for looking at child porn on work computer

Federal employee arrested at Seattle office, accused of looking at child porn on work computer

'...Social Security employee was arrested Wednesday at his Seattle office and accused of looking at child pornography on his computer at work....'

Reference: www.thenewstribune.com

Jan 12, 2013

Focusing on rewards for the federal workforce is important

MSPB: Room for Improvement in Rewarding Federal Employees

'...The MSPB notes in its report that focusing on rewards for the federal workforce is important because compared to private sector employees, federal employees tend to see weak relationships between their performance and the rewards they receive, a trend reflected in OPM’s 2010 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey....'

Reference: www.fedsmith.com

Jan 5, 2013

FBI investigated "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace

FBI releases files on late "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace

'...detailing their scrutiny of a 1970 trip Wallace took to Cuba. There is also an investigation of a threatening letter sent to Wallace in 1977 by a World War II veteran titled "Communist Control of the Press." ...'

Reference: www.cbsnews.com
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Jan 3, 2013

GOP politicians no fan of federal workers and the working class

Federal workers targeted by cost-cutting politicians

'...Aside from federal workers losing $103 billion in compensation reductions since 2011, as well as a 27-month pay freeze, it should be noted that the Federal Salary Council, using Bureau of Labor Statistics, determined that “federal employees are paid, on the average, about 35 percent less than comparable private-sector workers. This is an increase over the 26 percent difference in 2011.”...'

Reference: www.app.com

Jan 2, 2013

House votes to freeze federal worker pay

House votes to freeze congressional, federal worker pay

'...But first lawmakers voted on a plan to freeze the salaries of lawmakers and federal employees. Despite Democratic objections, the bill passed 287 to 129, with 55 Democrats voting with Republicans to approve the measure....'

Reference: www.washingtonpost.com